About us

Experience and Knowledge at the Service of your Peace of Mind

Clavell Canals Consulting is a professional firm specializing in administrative law, public policy and housing and real estate law.

Under the leadership of the lawyer Dolors Clavell, who runs the firm together with Aleix Canals, we have the involvement of a network of professionals with extensive expertise and experience, and we offer advisory and consultancy services that allow a solvent and reliable assessment in the decision-making of our clients.

We direct our professional services to public administrations, social organizations and also to companies and private individuals.

Weaving solid relationships: our network of specialists at your service.

The task we carry out at Clavell Canals consulting stems from the effective involvement of a network of people who, from different professional fields, levels of relationship and dedication, contribute to specifying the various actions.
It is a shared task based on the empathy and complicity of these people.

Dolors Clavell Nadal


Aleix Canals Compan


Sonia Anglada Gutiérrez

Specialist in private and real estate law

Paula Montero Serra

Specialist in Administrative Law

Verónica Sánchez Fuentes

Specializing in Criminal Law, Civil Law, and Consumer Law


Anna Carrasco Fek

Law graduate
Intern student